Fierce Virtual Series: JPM Week 2021 has ended

Kevin Cho

Business Development
New York
Envisagenics is an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven biotechnology company focused on targeting novel RNA splicing variants for therapeutic development. Its SpliceCore® drug discovery platform employs a proprietary, exon-centric approach to RNA-sequencing analysis with validated machine learning algorithms to accelerate the identification and development of highly specific therapeutics to treat cancer and other genetic diseases.

In April 2020, Envisagenics announced an oncology partnership with The Lung Cancer Initiative at Johnson & Johnson. Envisagenics not only partners with biopharmaceutical companies to improve drug discovery capabilities, but it is also developing internally discovered proof-of-concept RNA therapeutic, ENV-0205, for triple negative breast cancer (TNBC).

Envisagenics was founded in 2014 out of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory by the team who helped to develop Spinraza® (Nusinersen). The team has been named North American winner of the Microsoft Innovate.AI competition, and have won the Johnson & Johnson, JLABS Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery QuickFire Challenge, a current resident of Johnson & Johnson Innovation - JLABS, NYC.
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